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Atlas Care & Holidays (Atlas van Zorg & Vakantie) is an online guide for accessible holiday and relaxation all over the world for people with a (chronic) illness, disability and seniors in the Netherlands and Belgium. This online guide offers support to find, arrange and organize an appropriate (care) holiday, spa and wellness resort or an accessible day out. Atlas Care & Holidays is part of the platform Atlas Care & Assistance (Atlas van Zorg & Hulp).

For diverse organizations and initiatives - who are active in this area - there are different kinds of publishing possibilities. These publishing possibilities are are depending of the publication choice (Basic, Plus or Pro) and the register fee starts at € 48,- per year.

Atlas van Zorg & Vakantie

Online wegwijzer in de wereld van aangepaste vakanties, ontspanning en herstel in binnen- en buitenland.

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